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www.ftd.com Reviews

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  • NEVER using them again!!

    Got a deal on Groupon to order flowers for my sister's birthday. Our mother, who passed away two years ago, used to always send us flowers to our work place on our birthdays so I wanted to keep up the tradition. I ordered the flowers around 6am so they would not be delivered after 3pm when she left. I received an email around 12:30pm that the bouquet I ordered was not available..... okay, I'm annoyed at this point but I call the Customer Service line and they send the request out to another local florist to get the bouquet out and be there by the time my sister leaves work. Two... More...
    amjnsn's Picture   amjnsn    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flowers? What Flowers?

    Sent to their Customer Service (w/ my address/phone and recipients address on there) -- Super disappointing Dear FTD, I would just like to inform you that I just spoke with one of your agents from USAA/FTD and I'm very disappointed. I ordered flowers yesterday to be delivered same day(for an additional $13.99 charge- total: $58.49) and I called today to see what the status was and it sounds like they won't even be delivered today. So apparently, if they can't be delivered, you aren't following up with when they can be delivered. The only 'perk' is... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    lduke83's Picture   lduke83    0 Comments   Comments
  • FTD- Incompetent Horrible Customer Service- DO NOT USE!

    I ordered sympathy flowers on 1/2/17 for delivery the next day for a dear friend who had a death in the family. The next day I get a call in the morning telling me that they did not have the particular vase in stock for the arrangement that I ordered and asked if they could substitute it. I said they could as long as it would be delivered that day. They agreed. Later that afternoon I receive an email saying that the flowers could not be delivered as ordered. I call into customer service and it was useless(you can't understand them and they are reading off a script with no authority... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    klcalvo's Picture   klcalvo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Christmas Gourmet Basket not Delivered on Requested Date

    I ordered two items from FTD for relatives to be delivered on Friday, December 23, 2017. One order was delivered but not the other. I called FTD to inquire but said they would have to forward my inquiry to a different department and that someone would call back right away. I have not received a call from anyone. So now my relative will not receive her gift before Christmas. If there was an issue regarding this order we should have been notified. I have been charged for an item that was not delivered. I will never order from FTD again! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Ccole65's Picture   Ccole65    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst company ever

    I ordered an arrangement for my ill 87 year old Aunt. I ordered from FTD because they offered a beautiful purple arrangement which is her favorite color. The arrangement was delivered & it was FAR from the arrangement I ordered. I understood the substitution policy but this arrangement was not even close. I called customer service & explained my situation. They called the florist who delivered the arrangement & admitted it was the wrong arrangement delivered by mistake. They offered 20% refund & just basically didn't care. I wish I would have checked reviews &... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Xmas16's Picture   Xmas16    0 Comments   Comments
  • false advertisement and got cheated

    Do not order from ftd.com!!! Flowers came late in the evening. They were not able to track the flowers and give me a time when I would receive them. They said I said I would receive an email once flowers were dropped off since I was not home. I did not receive an email. I came home to a cracked vase. I called and complained about the cracked vase and how that was false advertisement. The flowers are no where near $80.Please do not order from here you are better off to go to edible arrangements and get something way nicer that is worth $80. What you see in the picture and what you receive... More...
    belirubio89's Picture   belirubio89    0 Comments   Comments
  • Got Cheated

    On Wednesday, January 21, I had ordered Expression of Love Bouquet with a hanging Keepsake Love tag with a Get Well Balloon to be delivered on the same day so I called them again to find out what happen to my flower deliver to the hospital for my partner that just had hip revision done and they told me that it could not be delivered that there was no deliver person to make that deliver. So that same customer service rep yelled at me and told me that I should have gotten the room number, I told him that your website did not ask for a room number and that my partner just got out of surgery... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    JRO1971's Picture   JRO1971    0 Comments   Comments
  • FTD - worst customer service I have experienced in years!

    I will never again use FTD's services. I recently attempted to send flowers to someone following surgery. The flowers were to be delivered Wednesday and I received email confirming delivery - that was a blatent lie. Nothing had been delivered. So I called to track the problem down and was told, promised a phone call shortly with a response. Nothing. A second call in to their service department a few hours later, another promise, and nothing. A call again - and not only a promise of a call back but also of delivery that day (a day late). No call, no delivery. I finally called... More...
    leegirl14's Picture   leegirl14    1 Comments   Comments
  • Don't bother choosing because they won't deliver what you ordered anyway.

    I selected a red and white miniature rose plant that came with an angel pendant for a cousin who had recently lost both parents and placed my order online. I wanted a PLANT and keepsake rather than a floral arrangement that would only last a few days. A few days later - the day before the order was to be delivered - I received a call from FTD telling me that they no longer had that product available and asked me to choose something else over the phone. Even though I told them I was working and couldn't get online until later that day, they called me again about an hour later... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    NancJo's Picture   NancJo    0 Comments   Comments

    The florist assigned to deliver two different floral arrangements did not deliver the flowers on the day of the funeral or the following day as promised. Numerous excuses were given and still nothing has happened. The customer service reps for FTD.com were all apologetic but were unable to resolve the problem. The supervisor had promised to call the following day to confirm the delivery and of course there was no call and no delivery. Just under $400 and three days of wait and no flowers. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    uduran's Picture   uduran    1 Comments   Comments
  • The worst experience EVER

    Mother's day is suppose to be a day to celebrate your MOM. I ordered a beautiful arrangement to be delivered to my mom the Friday before mother's day way in advance in April. When the tracking information came back saying it won't be delivered until the Tuesday after mother's day, i was so upset. Mind you i ordered the flowers in April. I called ups and they said FTD labeled the flowers wrong and it was their fault. So when i called they were going to allow me to pick up flowers from a shop along with refund me my money. The flower shop was too backed up to accommodate... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    BJONES68's Picture   BJONES68    0 Comments   Comments
  • FTD Flowers Order Cancelled but They Still Charged Me

    I ordered some flowers through ftd.com on Thursday May 8th for Mother's Day. Within 15- 20 minutes or less, I went online and cancelled the order. The order # FRU 632073. I received a message back stating a customer service rep would call back to discuss the matter, but no one ever called (I have voice mail) . There is no way FTD can claim the order had already been sent since I cancelled IMMEDIATELY after I placed the order. Then, just to show what they think of their customers, their customer service reps can barely speak English, so you are probably calling Thailand, Philippines, or... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    MarshalDillon's Picture   MarshalDillon    0 Comments   Comments
  • same day delivery a scam!

    I ordered 2 deliveries, 1 to my daughter and 1 to my 91 year old mother. My mother's order was 2 days late and 4 days later my daughter still has not received her flowers and chocolates! Last night I talked to customer service and was assured the delivery would be made today. Now I am told they can't reach the florist so it will be tomorrow! I said I want my money back and she says 2-5 days!!! I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    biessy's Picture   biessy    0 Comments   Comments
  • www.ftd.com

    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!! I used them to order a funeral piece for an out of town friend. I ordered a nice funeral tree that was pictured in their ad for $83.00 and they sent a "peace lilly" also pictured in their ad for $40.00. I sent an email complaining about it and a week later I got an email stating I would get a credit of $23.00. That still means I paid $20.00 more than their own ad prices indicated. So much for their 100% guarantee. Oh wait, maybe that guarantee is to their vendor florist and it guarantee's them a large profit at the expense of the consumer. FTD sure... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    embalmer1936's Picture   embalmer1936    0 Comments   Comments

    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE the worst customer service and expire nice of my life this company should go f$$& itself for what they put me through I paid an extra 10$ which my order all together was 69.70 for 4 roses and 4 carnations which is false f&&& advertisement because on there website it shows I am purchasing at least a dozen roses with another dozen red carnations for that price. I was on the phone with a lady arguing with me for nearly a hour with some other idiot who couldn't speak English and sounded like 10 yrs old that was like duh the whole time. I work too... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Dontcha22's Picture   Dontcha22    1 Comments   Comments
  • flowers not delivered/ horrible service/ disappointed/ poor company

    please don't order from them. i sent flowers and balloons for my girlfriend for our anniversary. the flowers was delivered earlier that day and the flowers was not delivered. had them to reship again and was not delivered. it was 2 separate deliveries which is stupid. they are not a good floral company and need to change some policies and the way they deliver around. so disappointed! i lost $15 at that so they wont be getting my money anymore! sorry ass company. i should have looked at these reviews before i ordered from them. smh at myself. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    You1234's Picture   You1234    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Flower Delivery Service That Doesn't Deliver

    I ordered my wife flowers for Valentine's Day. I would assume that Valentine's Day would be the most important day throughout the whole year for a flower business to make deliveries on time . To my wife's and my extreme disappointment, the flowers never came. I received no call informing me that they did not make the delivery, so I was not able to get my wife any other flowers that day. She was sad because she thought I forgot. This is not the way I was hoping to spend the holiday. I will never use this company again, and I will advise friends to avoid it, as well. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    KLopez's Picture   KLopez    1 Comments   Comments
  • Not Reliable

    I ordered two different arrangements for Christmas gifts. One was delivered but it was not what I ordered and paid for. It was very dissapointing to receive a small arrangement in a tin can, when I thought I was purchasing a large arrangement in a beautiful vase. Next arrangement I ordered was NEVER DELIVERED AT ALL. FTD should be ashamed of themselves. More...
    gobygirl's Picture   gobygirl    1 Comments   Comments
  • flowers never arrived

    I ordered flowers for Mother's Day and received a confirmation but the flowers never arrived. Three days later I spoke with someone in customer service who said they didn't fill the order because the arrangement I selected wasn't available in that area. They never bothered to call me nor did they refund my money. The order was still pending, they said. Until when? They offered me a 10 percent discount but I demanded a refund. There's only frustration involved in dealing with a business like this. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    booster's Picture   booster    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sloppy Delivery, Worse Customer Service

    I ordered flowers and a card for my mother for Mother's Day. They arrived in a timely fashion, but the card was missing the inscription that was supposed to be inside. It was totally blank, so my mother had no idea who had sent the flowers. I called FTD to try and get refunded for the card, but that was when it got really frustrating. The customer service guy was almost incapable of communicating in English. NOTE TO BIG CORPORATIONS: IF YOU'RE TRYING TO CUT CORNERS, PLEASE DON'T DO IT BY SENDING YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE OPERATIONS OVERSEAS. IT REALLY PISSES CUSTOMERS OFF... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    blasko33's Picture   blasko33    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst service I have ever had

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered flowers for my mother to come with a note from her grandkids. I requested them be delivered Saturday or Sunday, I received a confirmation for the order. The flowers were to go to Sunrise Hair Salon in Old Town Alexandria, VA. She owns the place and was quite busy on Mother's Day weekend, so there was no reason for what happened. I called her this morning (Wednesday) to see how she liked the flowers since she hasn't mentioned anything yet. She never got them! I contacted FTD about 9:30 and it took until 6:30 to hear from anyone!... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    maeweb's Picture   maeweb    0 Comments   Comments
  • FTD is Horrible

    Long story short, I ordered flowers for my sister having her first baby paid over $80 for flowers the flowers were not delivered on time and were wilted and brown and had daisy's in the arrangement..I ordered white and pink roses. I have called and they refuse to help and written FTD 2 times now and have not heard anything back from them. Horrible customer service and I will never shop there again. 1800Flowers is the way to go More...
    (Delivery Services)
    delusion7's Picture   delusion7    1 Comments   Comments
  • Flowers never arrived

    Ordered flowers for an employee after her surgery. The flowers never arrived. FTD did not notify me that they would not be filling the order and did not refund my credit card until I called them 1 1/2 weeks later when I found out that the flowers were never delivered. I feel very embarrassed as I was wondering why my employee never aknowledged the flowers. Now I feel like a terrible boss! When I called them, they never even offered to go ahead and fill my oreder at a discounted price to make things right. I will never trust this company again. More...
    drkateh's Picture   drkateh    0 Comments   Comments
  • disappointed

    I have known ftd for years but I will not be using your service again. I was sent a bouquet of flowers on a very special day Valentines Day. But thanks to FTD I DID NOT RECEIVE them. So I got alot of apologies from my friend when it wasn't even their fault. FTD let me and my friend down. No excuse for this company to fail anyone but you did. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    trulee's Picture   trulee    0 Comments   Comments
  • FTD Service

    My fiance ordered flowers thru FTD for Valentines day , I should have received them by Feb 14th but did not get them till 7 days later. When he tried calling FTD to find out the status of the delivery they seemed not to know anything about them. It appears that when I spoke to the delivery person from the local florist, that they just received the order for the flowers that same morning. When my fiance ordered them before Feb 14th, 2011. Flowers were beautiful though. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Evergold96's Picture   Evergold96    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never use FTD.com again

    I will never use FTD.com. I ordered an upgraded flower package, which included roses and lillies, as well as two Valentine's balloons and a card. This was our first Valentine's day together as a married couple and I wanted to get my wife a really nice flower arrangement. I ordered my flowers on Feb. 9th 2011 and to have them delivered to my wife's work on Monday Feb. 14th, 2011...Valentine's Day. In the past my wife would normally call me (when I sent her flowers) around 12-2 PM to tell me how happy she was to receive her flowers. Around 3 PM I have not heard from... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    justinjd76's Picture   justinjd76    0 Comments   Comments

    I understand that for Valentine's Day, you're gonna pay a bit more than any other day for flowers. But I ordered an arrangement which included white daisies, orange roses and yellow carnations. Beautiful in the picture; I chose the deluxe (mid-range) arrangement. It arrived with almost all white daisies (some of the cheapest flowers you can buy), just 4 browned orange roses, and only two yellow carnations. Now I know FTD themselves didn't arrange this for my wife, but what are they thinking using a florist that provides such sub-par products/service? I complained and an FTD... More...
    nmnikki's Picture   nmnikki    0 Comments   Comments
  • FTD

    I placed a Valentines order with FTD.com on Feb. 8th 2011 and Did it on their internet site and paid $ 83.00 for valentines flowers to be delivered to my Lady. To avoid the last minute delivery rush on Monday the 14th I set up delivery for Friday the 11th. They did not deliver the order or call to say there was a problem. The issue for me is when you attempt to surprise someone with Flowers for what ever occasion and set up a delivery date and pay(premium prices) for them in advance You have a general expectation that the job and work will be done. If UPS can track a package why cant FTD... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    bhlstar's Picture   bhlstar    0 Comments   Comments
  • flowers not delivered

    On dec. 04 I sent flowers to the catskill New York funeral home where my brother was being waked for one day(dec.05) only, then burial on monday.I called the owner of the funeral home and she told me that I was not the only one whose flowers were not delivered. There was 2 or 3 others also not delivered.I tele ftd cust serv and a supv said she would call me back in 24hrs.Of course the $187.89 was already charged. Iiving in florida and being unable to attend(sick)I was davastated that there was no delivery. Tom C. spring Hill Fla. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    tomcon's Picture   tomcon    0 Comments   Comments
  • FTD just ruined my 90 year old mother's mother's day! Shame!

    I have a receipt from FTD showing the promised delivery date: 05/09/10. I paid $56 for a bouquet of tulips to be delivered on Mother's Day to my 90 year old mother who lives alone. She never received any thing or heard from anyone. I am her old child. Today is 2 days after Mother's Day and nothing!! I have requested that FTD reverse the charges. They have not done so yet. I don't care for late delivery since it has now lost its purpose. What I am the most sad about is that this past Mother's Day might be the last that my mother spent on this Earth. And she spent it... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Leticia's Picture   Leticia    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Customer Service

    Ordered flowers to be delivered on May 6 for Mother's Day. The issue started the previous Saturday when a rep called me to change my order. I made the changes, confirmed the order on Monday. I had two orders being shipped out by FTD, and when I received confirmation on 5/6 for the deliver of one of the orders and not the other I called Customer Service and they said the order was cancelled!!!! Not only that they said my money was refunded, which it wasn't. I explained I did not receive the refund, and they told me it was not cancelled. Then I tried to work with the customer... More...
    Cynthiasun79's Picture   Cynthiasun79    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Experience for Moms day

    I just had the worst experience. I ordered flowers for my mom for mothers day. We ordered 24 pink and white roses in a pink vase. They delivered roses in all different colors in a clear green vase that wasn't even decorated. I then called to complain and the florest that delivered them proceeded to go to my parents house to redeliver telling my parents for first delivery was rejected. How tacky can you get. They said the were going to tell my parents that they had delivered the wrong flowers and apologize but instead said the flowers were rejected. My dad called me to ask me if I... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Order

    On Monday night I went through a lot of trouble ordering from FTD. I hadn't been able to access the bank, so in a sheer act of desperation I bought an American Express Gift Card and paid nearly $105 for a $100 gift card so that I would be able to purchases flowers online for my mother's birthday (she was out of state) I placed my order on Monday night, and received a call after I got off work on Tuesday (my mother's birthday) It seems that my flowers were delivered to THE WRONG ADDRESS. Thinking maybe they messed up the numbers, I called back the family who were kind enough... More...
    twnty1's Picture   twnty1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Service!

    Do not order flowers from FTD.com. I ordered flowers from FTD on the date of 2-13-10 for delivery on Valentine’s Day and they never arrived. I called the very next day and they stated that the florist did not have that model, but I never received a call from the florist or FTD.com. All I received was a weak apology, and a claim that my money would be refunded in the next 7-10 business days (which didn’t comfort me at all). They are too expensive anyway. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. This review could have been completely different if they had just contacted me as soon as... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    dands8's Picture   dands8    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petal Patch of Katy, TX - FTD FLORIST

    I ordered flowers online with this company because they were a FTD Florist local to the area that I needed them delivered to. The driver couldn't find the house, spoling the surprise, having to call for directions. With delivery charges I paid approx. $50 for a small, THREE FLOWER arrangement. The day the arrangement was delivered one flower died, by the second day the other 2 flowers were dead. I called the Petal Patch Florist and the lady told me this is a common problem with this type of flower and they don't know they even sell this arrangement. WHAT? No offer to replace... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)

    In sending a FALL COLORED cornucopia to my mother for Thanksgiving, I found that (when she sent me a photo via cell phone) that the colors were in fact various shades of pink, purple and yellow daisies - NO SUNFLOWERS AS DESCRIBED in the ftd.com ad.NO FALL COLORS - NO husks or goards....... I was sorely disappointed when I contacted customer service and sent PHOTOS of the VARIED subjects and was never given ANY consideration. THREE calls, 3 emails. NO SATISFACTION. NEVER USE ftd.com AGAIN!!! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    mamamel's Picture   mamamel    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avoid them

    Unfortunately had a horrible experoence and would recommend always using a local florist and not FTD.com. (Local florists can contact other florists at your recipients location).I ordered flowers for a same day delivery. They were not delivered. Apparently the florist had had a question about a substitution. They had asked FTD.com, but FTD.com never bothered to contact me. After 3 phone calls and an email to customer service that evening, found out what happened. FTD.com said they would expedite delivery then next day and give me a free upgrade. I called several times in the afternoon the... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    donro's Picture   donro    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't Use Them For Flowers!

    Where do I begin? My husband ordered me flowers for a surprise (he's deployed) for SAME DAY delivery and they didn't come on that day. He had to tell me he ordered them and have me call customer service, because he doesn't get access to phones as often. I called and the lady was very nice and put the order in for the following Monday (I called on Saturday. They were supposed to be there on Tuesday!). He STILL got charged for the Same Day Delivery which I don't think is fair. When they finally came, the arrangement looked thrown together and the roses (all 3 of them) were... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    HisWifey97's Picture   HisWifey97    0 Comments   Comments
  • FTD is the WORST!!

    I sent flowers to myself...as a test. I need to send flowers all over the country, and thought using one nationwide florist was the way to go WRONG !!! My flowers--I use that term loosely, arrived on time. Only problem, was I received the stems, not the flower. Called Customer Service, and spoke with the nastiest person ever. She actually blamed it on DHL, even though I told her there were no tips of flowers in the package. She then proceeded to lecture me in a condesending tone, and told me that's what I get for ordering flowers delivered by DHL. Then she concluded by... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    DaScubaLady's Picture   DaScubaLady    0 Comments   Comments
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